Immigrating to Honduras

First: Do your homework

Immigrating to another country is a huge life-changing decision that should not be made on a whim. Just as some Honduran immigrants to the US are disappointed to find out that the streets aren't paved with gold and not everyone is a millionaire, US immigrants to Honduras sometimes find that a life in the tropics requires some adjustments to their expectations, too. If you are considering moving to Honduras, included here is a general overview and links to several articles that I think you will find helpful.

You owe it to yourself, your family, and your finances to do as much research as you can before even considering moving to another country. Knowledge is power. Online research is good, but nothing beats talking with people who have lived there, as well as to "try it out before you buy it". By that I mean an extended stay in the country — not one or two weeks but six months minimum. Most expatriates agree that is really the only way for you and your family to find out whether living in Honduras fits your needs.

Move to a tropical paradise! say the real estate websites. Way too many people get caught up in the adventure of it all and make decisions that they later regret. Unfortunately, many folks are influenced by less than accurate real estate websites.

The basics

Would you buy a dress without trying it on? is a must read for those considering expatriating to Honduras.

Immigrating to Honduras, revisited has been a very popular and controversial article over the years. Included in this article are 10 very important tips and several links to other sources of information about Honduras and about expatriating in general.


Honduras Residency includes detailed, verified information about residency requirements in Honduras, including a bit about tourist visas and work permits. It is lengthy, but you need to know. It is very important is to know whether you can qualify for residency in Honduras and what you need to do to obtain it. Yes, surprisingly, many people don't realize that Honduras has immigration laws, too. (Note: I expect to complete and post this article by July 30, 2011)

Learn from others

Reading blogs of expatriates and citizens of the country you are interested is an excellent way to learn more about daily life. Check out for a long list of Honduran blogs. Click the down-arrow to scan through the latest articles from each blog. You can also use the category lists to find bloggers in a certain area.

Honduras Living is a very active Yahoo discussion group with about 1,200 members where you can get unbiased information and answers to your specific or general questions from many expatriates and Hondurans in Honduras. Please read (and follow!) the group guidelines that you will receive when you join.

Costs in Honduras

How much does it cost to buy a house in Honduras? — this is one of those unanswerable questions but this gives you some things to think about.

Planning to build a house? Take this advice seriously.

Cost of living in La Ceiba — This 2007 article needs to be updated but it is all I have for now. Generally, whatever their expectations, people find that the cost of living is more than they expected. That is why a long stay in the country is so important. You'll find out what it costs to live the kind of life style you expect to live.

Honduras' senior citizen discount is very generous and available only to citizens and legal residents of 60 years and older. The discount is available on many items from restaurants to airline tickets.

Miscellaneous stuff to think about

Cultural differences. This topic includes dozens of articles that you may find enlightening or amusing.

Do you need to speak Spanish in Honduras? The simple answer is 'yes' but read why.

To bring or not to bring, that is the question. This article represents my practical advice on the matter of what and how much to bring with you when you move.

Published July 17, 2011. I'll be updating this page as other things come to mind.