About La Gringa - author of the Blogicito

La Gringa is the pen name of a US American expatriate who moved to La Ceiba, Honduras, in 2001 with 'El Jefe', her Catracho (Honduran) husband, for the simple life — I thought!

Nothing is as simple as I thought it would be. Hardly a week went by during the first years that I didn't ask El Jefe "Why, why, why?"  Writing the Blogicito became a great outlet. Using a pseudonym (pen name, nom de plume) allows me the freedom to be frank and to write honestly and openly without (too much) fear of retaliation.

Like most new immigrants to any country, I wore my rose-colored glasses and I had my share of difficulties adjusting to a new language, new food, new rules, new customs, new climate, new everything! Now, almost 10 years later, I've mellowed a lot but I still find something new and interesting just about every day. My hope is that the Blogicito may help other newcomers to be better prepared than I was. Knowledge is power.

The Blogicito is a personal journal about my life and my opinions about what I see around me. My viewpoints are probably not the same as yours on every issue and that's okay! I hope the Blogicito will help you to understand Honduras and life in Honduras a little better and that my writing will sometimes make you think, sometimes entertain you, and maybe we'll both learn something in the process.

Over the years, La Gringa's Blogicito has become one of the most widely read blogs in Honduras among both US Americans and Hondurans. I have received so much encouragement from readers — something that insecure bloggers always need! Some Honduran readers have proclaimed La Gringa to be "la gringa mas catracha" (the gringa most Honduran), a huge honor for me which I hope that I can live up to.

I hope that you'll take some time to explore La Gringa's Blogicito.

La Gringa


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