July 26, 2011

WSJ's O'Grady on the Truth Commission

Wall Street Journal's Mary O'Grady wrote an article about Honduras' Truth Commission Report.

The Truth Comes Out in Honduras

JULY 25, 2011

A commission established by the Organization of American States shows that Manuel Zelaya precipitated the crisis that led to his ouster.

The Honduran Supreme Court's order to arrest then-president Manuel Zelaya and the military's decision to deport him to Costa Rica in June of 2009 was a blow to international socialism.

Mr. Zelaya had been flagrantly violating constitutional law by trying to prolong his tenure. But his friends—the Castro brothers and Hugo Chávez and their acolytes—called his arrest a right-wing military coup. As the left often does when it loses a bid for power through violence, they demanded a "truth commission," so they could trot out "witnesses" to the injustices they claimed had taken place in Honduras.

A truth commission established under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS) released its report earlier this month. But the zelayistas didn't quite get the condemnation they sought. Instead, the report is a solid indictment of the former president as the provocateur of the crisis and a corrupt head of state. Given the intense international pressure to produce something that would save face for Zelaya backers, this can mean only one thing: The evidence against him was overwhelming.....

Read the rest of the article at the Wall Street Journal if you have a subscription, or read it at America's Forum for free. ;-)

Mary O'Grady admits that she didn't read the entire report, which weighs in at some 1,800 pages. I have read parts, including the corruption part and she's right: Their evidence against Zelaya and Enrique Lanza Flores (who has been crying 'political persecution') is damning. By the way, much of what was included in the official report (they only gave examples) was reported in this blog in 2009.

I've uploaded a copy of the Truth Commission Report to Scribd (in nine parts plus a summary of recommendations) if anyone is looking for some bedtime reading.

Hat tip to Ed for sending me the WSJ article and finding the other link for me.
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