June 30, 2011

Take a ride with me

This is a little video from our last trip to San Pedro Sula. It was taken on the north coast highway, heading west, during the last 5-10 minutes before the Rio Arizona, between La Ceiba and Tela.

I'm posting this for the Hondurans who miss seeing the beautiful scenery of their homeland and for others who may not have seen the highway before. It's really quite nice!

If you live on the north coast of Honduras, you'll probably find the video boring. But every time I post one of my highway videos on YouTube, I received many thanks from Hondurans living in other countries and requests for more, so here you go! You can find more of my Honduras videos on my channel at YouTube (lagringalaceiba).

(Click map to enlarge)

If you aren't familiar with the location of Arizona, Atlántida, Honduras, the above map shows it roughly halfway between La Ceiba and San Pedro as the bird flies. The highway (the thin grey line) does not follow a bird's flight, it follows the base of the mountains, avoiding them at all costs. This map also smooths out all the little twists and turns in the road of which there are many. It is a beautiful drive during the day, but very dangerous at night for those who don't know the road.

The highway is the only way to get from here (La Ceiba) to there (San Pedro). There are no shortcuts or back roads because the entire north coast is divided by hundreds of small creeks and rivers flowing from the mountains in the south to the ocean in the north. The trip generally takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours, though our return trip home took about 4 hours because we ran into a heavy tropical storm in which we couldn't see 10 feet in front of the car. We arrived home to find that not a drop of rain had fallen in La Ceiba.

As many times as we've made the drive, I never get tired of watching the scenery. A little bachata music in the background makes it all that much better.
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