December 8, 2010

The unwanted foreigners list increases to eight

The man on left hugging Zelaya may be on the list

Áfrico Madrid, Minister of the Interior, announced yesterday that the list of foreigners being investigated had increased to six. Today he announced the addition of two more people for a total of eight.

Madrid also mentioned that the list includes residents as well as naturalized citizens, but he is not giving many clues as to what offense these people might have committed. He did mention that one or more are being investigated for organized crime ties, money laundering, and/or political activities.

There has been speculated that the man in the above photo is one of the foreigners being investigated. He is known among some Hondurans as "the Hindu". He was active in the violent demonstrations by the resistance last year and I can state that as fact because I saw him in Channel 36 videos with my own eyes. He talked to reporters as if he was a Honduran speaking for other Hondurans.

Interesting story: One day, which I believe was September 21, 2009, the day that Mel Zelaya returned to Honduras and entered the Brazilian embassy, I was watching Channel 36 Cholusat Sur on my laptop. Across the table, on his own laptop, was El Jefe, who could not see my screen. After a few minutes of listening, he said, "Who is that talking? He isn't Honduran! Why is he saying that he is Honduran?" El Jefe has a real knack for identifying accents. He said this man had a gringo accent.

Update 12/9/10: A video interview of "Emo" and some of his friends (in Spanish).
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