November 21, 2008

Need more plastic bags! Must have plastic bags!

The whopper
Finally finished!

So what do you think? Surprised? Trust me, theses bags are even more surprising in person.

I had what seemed like an endless supply of plastic bags. After making these two crocheted market bags, I am dangerously low on bag inventory and eager to make more and more and more plastic bag bags.

The Honduran special
These orange bags will be familiar to those in Honduras

plastic bagsRemember that I started with these?

Would you ever believe that the yellow bag at top is made from 95 (NINETY-FIVE!) plastic bags? Of course, it is quite large, plenty roomy for a beach bag, and larger than I intended. I didn't plan so well on this one. Apparently plastic is lighter than air, because even with 95 bags, it is still extremely light weight.

For the orange bag, I used these familiar striped bags.

The orange and white bag only took 25 large heavyweight plastic bags (18" x 24") and could have been made from fewer bags. I learned a lot from making this bag, which I'll be telling you about.

I took notes all through the process so I could give you the patterns. Of course, if you are smart, you'll probably want to make some changes, since you'll learn from my mistakes.

I have a ton of photos of the process so I'll have to split this up into a few articles. I also have some tips, most of which I haven't read elsewhere or at least I didn't pay enough attention if I did. ;-/

This plastic bag obsession is changing my personality. I find that I'm now very stingy with my plastic bags, reusing trashcan liners instead of throwing them out with the trash so I don't have to "waste" my bags. I also find myself deciding on where to shop based not on prices, but on what color bags they provide. Even more shameful, I've actually stooped to asking the carryout boy at the grocery store to double bag. Remember that I used to complain about how many bags they used every time I went to the store? Heheh. ;-)

If you are in La Ceiba, SAVE YOUR BAGS FOR ME! Anyone have any Diunsa bags laying around?

P.S. If you were inspired to make a plastic shopping bag from my sneak preview article, send me a photo and I'll post it here. I'd love to see what you've done!
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