October 5, 2008

Off to the presses ... soon

I haven't heard from my newsletter editor yet − :-( − but I unveiled a draft of the newsletter in the final layout to our patronato president and a couple of neighbors today.

Wow! I got just the reaction that I wanted. Eyes bugging out. "Que bueno!" "You did this?" "When can we send it out?" "We should do this every month!" We NEED this to keep the neighbors informed!" They were very, very impressed with La Gringa. El Jefe had mentioned it to the president the day before and I think he thought it was going to be in English. Heheheh.

One neighbor asked, "Who translated this for you?"

"Google," says me.




The others explained to her what Google was and everyone was incredulous that such a thing can be done on the internet. I'll have to admit that I was pretty amazed myself about what a good job Google did. Of course, since I haven't heard from my editor, it may not be quite as good as I thought. I do a lot of reading in Spanish and it looked good to me, other than the few corrections that I made. We'll see.

The president has to finish one article on a subject of which the current status is a bit fuzzy to me and another neighbor has to give me a few details about another matter. I hope they come through tomorrow. I can't wait to send this out! I don't think any colonia in La Ceiba has anything like this.

I also spent about two hours explaining some financial matters and giving some of my ideas to the president it seems the treasurer never tells him anything! He was very appreciative and liked my suggestions. He started getting excited about some of my ideas.

Man! My brain hurts from thinking and talking in Spanish.

(Heheheh! Reading over that second to the last paragraph, I think I should clarify that I was referring to the president of our homeowners association, not Mel Zelaya. If only Mel would listen to me! The world would be a better place. ;-D )
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