September 27, 2008

Sneak preview: The plastic bag plastic bag

plastic bagsA tiny sampling of my stash

This is a fun project and oh-so good for the environment. I've been saving plastic bags for a long time now. I had a vague idea of crocheting a mat for Chloe. Then I started thinking that all those nooks and crannies in the stitches would be a haven for ticks. Not a good idea. Jacinta Mucosa had an article about shopping bags and it clicked! I was going to crochet a market bag.

If you are a crocheter, start saving all those plastic grocery and shopping bags. Stuff them in a closet somewhere and ask your neighbors to save some for you, too.

I went from those plastic bags above, plus about 50 more, to this:

Plastic bag plarnThey call it 'plarn'. Plastic yarn.

I went from the bags to the plarn to this:

market bag made from plastic shopping bags
I'm making this market bag! You wouldn't believe how good it feels. The texture is like something manufactured. It's very rich, thick, and sturdy. El Jefe marvels at this whole idea. At first he thought it was crazy, but he really likes it now.

I had big plans of making one for myself and more for several relatives and friends until....I ran out of yellow bags. Now I need to do a bunch of shopping so I can finish. ;-D Would you believe there are about 80 bags in what I have finished so far? But it is still lightweight. The writing and colors on the bags just give it a sort of tweedy look. This would make a great beach bag, too.

I just love this idea! I can't wait to try the standard orange and white Honduran bags. Talk about recycling! Not only are those dangerous plastic bags not being thrown into the environment or burned, but this one can be used over and over again. They say that the bags can even be washed in the washing machine and hung to dry in the shade.

I'm winging this pattern as I go, but I'm keeping track so I can give you detailed directions when I finish. Stay tuned....
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