August 15, 2006

Things I learned in Honduras

Rain makes you sick.

Drinking ice water makes you sick.

If you get your hands wet after ironing, you will get arthritis. (So, then, how do men get arthritis?)

All other illness stems from pressure (high blood pressure) or sugar (eating it? or diabetes? I'm not quite sure about this one.).

Coca Cola will cure a backache.

All meals must be served with tortillas or bananas, but never both. (I get horrified looks every time I suggest a meal without either or with both.)

Hamburgers may be safely stored at room temperature for up to two days.

Eating soup with a fork will make your teeth fall out. (I'm still trying to figure out this one, too.)

Red beans are the only edible variety of bean.

White corn is the only edible variety of corn.

Sinks and toilets are not clean until all of the white is scrubbed away.

If a black butterfly enters your house, someone will die.

So, now you know, too. ;-)

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