August 20, 2006

Lightening struck!

Last night a storm came in and suddenly a bolt of lightening struck somewhere right outside my studio window. It was an explosive "CRAA — ACK!" like I've never heard before and for a moment the studio was lit up like a WalMart parking lot. I literally jumped out of my chair and held my breath thinking that my computer would burst into flames. A few seconds later we heard a deafening roar of thunder. My little chihuahuas, who usually just shrug off these tropical storms, came running to me for protection.

But nothing happened. We didn't even lose power. I went outside to see if I could see any damage. I think it must have hit the ground. I didn't find anything but I brought Chloe the Rotten Rottweiler inside for safety just in case.

Later on we did have our daily power outage — very frustrating for a blogger. I've read in La Prensa that some parts of the country are so badly wired that it takes no more than a small bird resting on the wires to cause an outage. Apparently we live in one of those areas because we have had outages almost every day for the past two weeks.
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