October 4, 2008

Reminds me of the US

guava, La Ceiba, Honduras
By special request: Guava fruit tree repeat

I have been busy, frustrated, overworked, and stressed with all my patronato work!

Bad things: No water, black water, possibly insurmountable water problems in the future, stress, trying to communicate when I don't know the right words, trying to do my "job" when people won't cooperate, no time to read the newspaper, ALBA.

Good things: Rain, cooler weather, exercising my newsletter writing/designing abilities, Google*, a part-time maid who has been semi-dependable, clear water when it does come out of the faucet, the patronato won the dispute!, my sweet El Jefe who is so understanding.

I remember feeling stressed and hurried every day in the US, mostly self-imposed. Now I know that I can be a half an hour late to a meeting and still be the first one there. ;-)

Makes me appreciate the simple life even more.

* Google: In order to get all my ideas down for the newsletter, I had to write in English. I popped it into Google translator and I can testify that Google translator has improved exponentially over the past couple of years. It's still not perfect but it saved me about a zillion or vingtillion or billardo hours! It mangled a couple of sentences and a few words were not translated correctly but I fixed those and have a neighbor who is editing it to perfection right now. When I tried that two years ago, it was almost more work to fix the translation than it would have been to translate it manually. Way to go, Google! Ain't** the internet grand?

** Spanish speakers: This is another word you should not say and certainly should never write. ;-D
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