October 29, 2008

Obama or McCain?

Which flavor do you like?

You might have noticed that La Gringa doesn't talk about US politics. I feel too far removed and am much more interested in learning about Honduran politics, even though I don't get to vote here and am forbidden by the Honduran constitution to get involved in politics.

Besides there are only so many hours in the day.
I do occasionally turn on CNN and half listen while I'm doing other things. I've been completely disgusted with the coverage. At first I was so impressed with both candidates as far not sinking to smear campaigns and attack ads. Well, that didn't last long, did it?

El Jefe has been similarly disgusted and wonders why the media nitpicks for days about a slip of the tongue or the cost of a slip. He's also been very impressed with some aspects of the campaign process and wishes we had something similar here in Honduras. During one debate, he asked, "Is that just a regular person? Can anyone ask questions?" He also likes the "keeping 'em honest" exposés of the media and the way the interviewers ask tough questions of the candidates.

Sadly, here in Honduras, we have only the barest shadow of a democracy*. The oligarchy picks the candidates, if not the winners, and the voters are only needed or wanted one day every four years, if then -- votes can easily be bought or lost or invented. Even President Mel Zelaya admitted PUBLICLY, without shame, that his election was rigged! Incredible.

Once the election is over, it's back to business as usual. I don't think that it is even possible to find out how the representatives voted on any issue. At least it is not reported in the newspaper. The only voice that the people have is to march in the streets, block traffic, and stop commerce until they are listened to. Even then, they usually only receive false promises and are told to be "patient."

Oops. I'm rambling off the topic again!

US politics affects the whole world. The newspapers have an article about the US Presidential campaign just about every day. It seems that everybody in the world has an opinion, so I thought I would offer Hondurans and others who don't have a vote a chance to let us know what they think.

Six more days to vote in the official La Gringa unofficial US Presidential Election. ;-)

The poll is in the upper right-hand sidebar.

* Interesting Freudian slip. I originally typed 'Demoncracy.' Heheh.
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