October 5, 2008

La Gringa [censored]

bird on a post, La Ceiba, HondurasBird on post

By popular request ~

I woke up this morning to the usual bright, warm, and sunny day. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth but the [censored] was [censored]. After happily making due with a dry toothbrush, I dressed and went downstairs.

Ixora, La Ceiba, HondurasI really wanted to make some delicious Honduran coffee but the [censored] was [censored], too, so I had a yummy pineapple juice!

I then went outside to be heartily greeted by my Honduran dogs. They watched eagerly while I filled their bowls, happy to drink bottled water since the [censored] was [censored] and besides the taste of the tap water is [censored] even to them.
Even the chickens were treated to bottled water today!

I settled down at the table in the cool shade of the terraza to read the Honduran newspaper. La Prensa is my favorite newspaper. This morning I read about [censored], [censored], and [censored]. The photos of [censored] and [censored] were really [censored] and [censored]! When I finished, I went outside the walled garden to pick up [censored] that had been [censored] everywhere by [censored]. We have to be understanding about this sort of thing because people just [censored] know any better, do they?

Later on, while I drove into town, I had plenty of time to gaze around at the scenery because the road was [censored] by [censored] who were [censored] about the [censored] Thankfully, it hasn't rained much today so I didn't have to
[censored] about the streets [censored] as they so often do.

rose, La Ceiba, HondurasI did some grocery shopping and was pleased to be able to find most of the things that I was looking for. I even found coffee and sugar at the first store! I was also pleased to see armed guards around all of the stores and banks which is a wonderful service since the [censored] situation has gotten so [censored].

Deciding that I still needed the caffeine jolt, I stopped in at Espreso Americano. I love the frozen coffee drinks even though the price has [censored] in the past seven years! I was grateful that Espreso Americano has a generator so that they can operate even when the [censored] is [censored]. Lucky me!

We went with my mother-in-law to try to help her get her identification card corrected. As could happen in any country, an error was made when typing her name on a renewal application approximately [censored] decades ago. I'm sure that they will get it corrected soon. Another option would be for my mother-in-law to change her name. It might be easier in the long run. No need to be so rigid about such things! After all, it's just a name, and she'll have to hire an attorney in either case.

At almost 70 years old, she's not too excited about having to travel (twice!) to southern Honduras to apply for an official copy of her birth certificate and then again to pick it up in order to prove who she is, but she should look at the bright side, I say! There are worse things than 12 hours (each way!) in chicken buses.

rain, La Ceiba, HondurasOops, in another minor bureaucratic glitch, it seems that all of her children have the incorrect mother's name on their birth certificates, too. We're going to really get to know those folks at the RNP, aren't we? We might just have to give them a gift for all the trouble we are causing them. Oh, but wait, we can't because they have been on [censored] for [censored] weeks and even when they aren't on [censored], they unfortunately do not have [censored] to print on, or [censored] to print with or the system is not [censored]. Well, maybe one day! Always positive, that's me!

She told us that someone [censored] the [censored] from my sister-in-law's back yard. B was only gone for a couple of minutes to the corner store. You really can't blame the poor for [censored] from their own neighbors. After all, they don't know any better.

She also said that nephew A still [censored] been able to find a [censored] so he's thinking of going to work on the cruise ships. That will be an exciting adventure and I'm sure he won't mind working [censored] hours per day [censored] days a week for [censored] dollars per month. After all, he will be able to come home to visit his family once a year for two weeks.

rose, La Ceiba, HondurasWe went out to lunch and I was so excited to see ABC on the menu. I happily asked for that but the waiter said [censored]. "Never mind, FGH sounds good. I'll have that!", I exclaimed. Again, the waiter said [censored]. "Oh, well, how about XYZ?" "[censored]," he replied. Always flexible and easy to please, I said, "Can I have a baleada?" It's sometimes the best bet anyway, since the food in some of these small restaurants is not always [censored] or handled [censored] and could cause [censored] or [censored] or even [censored]! I love baleadas and could eat them every day.

I stopped by a neighbor's house on the way home. Unfortunately, her armed guard would not tell me when she would return. I'm sure that I must look like a [censored] character so I don't blame him a bit for not giving me any information. I noticed that she has new [censored] around the top of her concrete walled garden. I wonder how much the electricity costs. Talk about a jolt! It looks nice and shiny and I'm sure that she feels much better now since she was [censored] a few weeks ago.

We've been getting wonderful soaking rains lately. I can just see the garden perk up after the long dry spell. More flowers are blooming. I love rainy season.

garden, La Ceiba, HondurasLater in the evening we watched Channel 10 news. Just to keep you informed of what is going on in Honduras, we learned about [censored], [censored], and [censored]. The teachers are on [censored] again for the [censored] time so far this year. Oh, well! Kids love a week off, don't they? [Censored] were held in Comayagua, Tegucigalpa, and Olancho today. Only [censored] people were [censored] this weekend, so it looks like the government is doing a good job with the [censored] situation. I'm sure they will find where that [censored] million dollars went to, also, and put it to good use. Always willing to give a second chance, [censored] criminals were released on their own recognizance today.

We have a nice breeze tonight, so the sleeping will be good in the fresh air.

Ah, a day in the life....
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