July 23, 2008

What do I see up ahead?

drunk man sleeping it off by the road

drunk man sleeping it off by the road
Actually, this is not such an uncommon occurrence. People, usually men, get drunk out of their minds and then just sleep it off wherever they fall. At least he isn't in the street. It's best not to stop to help because sometimes they are robbers faking it. Chances are good that this guy just drank up the week's grocery money.

We did find a woman laying in the middle of the highway one night! We couldn't leave her there so we stopped, thinking that she had been hit by a car and left for dead (another common occurrence − some give no more thought to hitting a person than they would a dog or cat. Don't believe me if you want. It's true.). We stopped, blocking the highway, put the blinkers on and got out of the car.

At first I thought she was dead, but then she started moaning. El Jefe tried to find out what happened, where she was hurt, etc. and he called the police to have them come and send an ambulance. This also is a big risk, as we have been warned by neighbors to not stop to help people as the police may accuse YOU and detain YOU for injuring the person, even though you were the good Samaritan.

Then I noticed that she was laying on her cardboard 'bed.' Not likely that would happen in an accident. Spectators came out of nowhere and we were informed that the lady was crazy.
She must have been because she refused to get up and get out of the highway. She got belligerent when someone picked up her 2"x4" (piece of wood that she apparently used for protection).

That scared me because I was afraid she would hit someone with it or smash our car window. El Jefe promised she would get it back, but she first had to get out of the highway. He and a friend finally picked her up and carried her off the road. He talked to her for awhile to try to get her to understand that she couldn't sleep in the highway.

There are a lot of mentally disturbed people like that in Honduras. There is no real help or assistance for them in most areas and they probably wouldn't take it if there was.

It's a sad world.

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