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Honduran News

Honduran Newspapers (español) - Check out Google Translate if you don't read Spanish, but beware that it sometimes makes some serious errors in translation.

HondurasWeekly - English-language news and opinion

Revistazo (español) - Independent Honduran online news.

Tropical Gardening

Gardening by the Moon - Lots of info on moon phase gardening. Calendars available for sale.

ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, includes information on organic farming, livestock and poultry raising, pest control, and much more. Available in Spanish, too.

ECHO Tech - Contains a wealth of information on small farm tropical agriculture.

Garden Voices - A compilation of garden blogs from around the world.

Miscellaneous Helpful Sites

CIA Factbook about Honduras - Facts regarding government, population, economy, geography, you name it.

Honduras Living Yahoo! group - For those interested in or currently living in Honduras. A high-volume, very helpful discussion group.

Honduras bank websites - all of the Honduran banks, kept updated by the intra-banking processing center.

Metric conversions - Very handy when going from US measurements to metrics or vice versa.

Starting a business in Honduras - From the IFC of the World Bank

Word Reference - Translation and definition of words. Also includes a discussion forum. My favorite.

Touristy stuff - full of information, including hotel, restaurant, and sightseeing tips

Lonely Planet - travel discussion forum

Trip Advisor - check out hotel reviews before booking

Honduran Blogs


Honduras Blogs — Don't miss it! A great place to read about Honduras bloggers and view a snippet of the latest article from each Honduran blogger (Catracho and expatriate)

Feather Ridge (Island of Guanaja - not currently active)

Hondubirding (Countrywide, articles in English and Español)

Honduras: Libre, Democratica, Independiente (many articles in English)

Honduras Living (Tegucigalpa)

I owe so much (Tegucigalpa)

Nacer en Honduras (Esp.) (Tegucigalpa)

Pensieve (Honduran in Mexico)

The adventures of Hannah & Charlie (Tegucigalpa)

Central American and Mexican Blogs


Costa Rica

The Real Costa Rica Blog

El Salvador

El Salavador from the inside *new*

What's up El Salvador *new*


Antigua Daily Photo


Adventures of a Third World Shopkeeper (no longer updated)

Reservations for one

Blah Blah Blah Ginger!

Countdown to Mexico

Gardener in Mexico (no longer updated but photos are worth a visit)

Theresa's Cooking Blog

Viva Veracruz

What do I do all day?


Las Frutas de Paraíso - no longer updated


A Neotropical Savanna

Chiriquí Chatter

Heidibella in the Tropics - no longer updated, but great recipes

Expatriate Links

Honduras Living discussion group

Click here to join honduras_living
Click to join honduras_living

Expat Blogs

Honduras expat blogs (different website than the one above)

Expat Women Helping Women Living Overseas

Globe of Blogs

InterExpat - The expat guide