December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad from La Ceiba

"House of a million lights"
Images: La Prensa
I'd like to wish all of the Blogicito readers a Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad! I hope your holidays are filled with love and happiness.

The house shown above was called the "House of a million lights" by La Prensa. The owners have put on a different display every Christmas for several years but I think they've outdone themselves this year. If you are in La Ceiba, you can see the house in Las Colinas. Las Colinas is a very pretty, and as the name would indicate, very hilly colonia (neighborhood) just outside of town. I can't give you directions to the house, but I'm sure you'll have no trouble following the glow of lights to find it; there aren't that many streets in Las Colinas. You can also see it from above by following the highest street that runs along the back of the colonia, as shown in the photo below.

La Colinas, La Ceiba, Honduras
Here are some old photos taken from that same upper street in Las Colinas during the daytime:

Las Colinas in the daytime
This is a great place to get a panoramic view of La Ceiba.

The spectacular view from the other side of that road

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