October 24, 2011

Action against crime in the news today

Images: La Prensa, Honduras

An airplane with flight plan of Colombia to Panamá was obligated by the Honduran Armed Forces to land in La Ceiba. The plane which supposedly lost its radar was first seen flying over La Ceiba appearing to be trying to land, later it was over Roatán trying to land, and then back to La Ceiba. No drugs were found in the plane, but its tires had mud and manure on them, indicating that it's last stop may have been one of the clandestine narco runways. The plane is in the custody of the authorities.

(All news articles linked are in Spanish.)


This morning there were 18 simultaneous "raids" (allanamientos) by a joint operation of the anti-narcotrafficking unit and military resulting in seizure of homes of people suspected to be involved with organized crime — rumored in one report, but not confirmed, to include one congressman.

Five were in San Pedro and 13 in Roatán and La Ceiba. Additionally, 17 fishing boats thought to involved with narcotrafficking were confiscated in Roatan. El Heraldo includes several photos of the homes, some of which readers might recognize.

La Tribuna reports that there were a total of 27 raids, including a well-known hotel, and other properties. The seizures are estimated to be valued at L. 300-500 million, which according to Honduras law (if proven in court — big IF) could be sold and the money used for crime fighting measures. Some of the articles name the individual and business names.

More than L.50 million in cash was seized from the residences alone and some bank accounts were frozen. There was no word about arrests — as is normally the case because often the bad guys are tipped off by someone within the police department. Minister of Defense Marlon Pascua also mentioned that there could be a foreigner involved as well as a politician but declined to give any further information. He said it was the biggest operativo ever performed in Honduras.

Later news articles were very detailed about the main subject (without naming him). It appears that all of the houses and other properties and businesses were in his name or that of his wife or friends.

Readers comments on newspaper articles abounded with "When are they coming to Tocoa?" "Come to Copán!" "Why don't they come to Santa Barbara?" and on and on and on.

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