August 6, 2011

Why I've been a lousy blogger lately

Lemons, La Ceiba, Honduras
Lemons from our tree

I'll admit it. I've been a lousy blogger. Not to give excuses, but just to blog about what has been going on, I offer the following.

What has been keeping me busy?

In no particular order:

Wondering how many times our car(s) can be hit by others before we ever get one dime of restitution (apparently it is more than eight).

Semi-supervising a big garden clean up.

Worrying about Arexy and what's going to happen to her children because she's pregnant again.

Wondering when the water will come back, wondering why rich Hondurans think that it is okay for their neighbors to pay for their water usage, and wondering why our patronato lets them.

Avoiding all news as much as possible and then worrying about what I'm missing.

Wondering if a teacher can really throw a 4th grader out of school for the rest of the year and fail him because he is misbehaving. And wondering why the mother doesn't worry.

Worrying about someone's residency status because she is in a big mess, precisely because she didn't listen to my advice and listened to a lying, thieving attorney instead.

Feeling guilty about all the blog articles I've started and not finished.

Worrying that my car which was wrecked in 2009 is still on the Honduran tax rolls and we can't get it off, even with an attorney and thousands spent on the task.

Trying to maintain my integrity, to be an honest and responsible citizen, when it would be so much easier and more beneficial not to.

Worrying about currency devaluation, the US financial mess, and future security.

Deconstructing my carefully crafted new blog bit by bit until there was almost nothing left and then reconstructing it.

Tearing my hair out over blog issues that are way beyond my level of competence. Inspecting every single line of my template for errors over and over again for two weeks, only to find out that it was a GOOGLE error in a standard gadget that was causing the problem! How's a blogger stand a chance between Google and MS Internet Explorer?

We've had a few successes:

Fighting with city hall. (We won, but discovered some scary things in the process.)

Redesigning someone else's sidewalk without being asked. (They loved it.)

Learning a ton about HTML and CSS coding. (Which I will promptly forget before the next time I need to use it again.)

Getting the Blogicito to work properly with MS Internet Explorer. (This one is major!)

Things that I've been grateful for recently:

A Honduran web designer who out of the blue offered to help me do something that Disqus told me couldn't be done! And it was done! So there, Disqus. Thanks, Rafael. You are an angel and a genius! God bless you for your kindness.

Sheep manure.

Being able to flush the toilet.

Lemons from our tree.

Being able to finish a load of laundry without having to clean out all the faucets in the house and run the washer empty first.

People who miss me when I'm not online for days at a time.

El Jefe, who shows amazing patience with my single-minded stubbornness.


Anything in particular that strikes your fancy that you would like to hear more about?
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