March 16, 2011

Progress? I think not

machine made corn tortillaMachine made tortilla

Some of the restaurants in town are now serving these machine made corn tortillas. All are perfectly round, exactly the same portion, perfectly formed, and perfectly tasteless.

I'm all for progress and have more than my share of kitchen gadgets and machines. I realize that tortillas are labor intensive and time consuming to make by hand. But....made by hand is how they must be!

handmade corn tortilla
Now these are real tortillas, lovingly made by the hand of Arexy. Personally, I prefer flour tortillas, but hot-off-the-stove, I'll take a couple of these with my beans and rice any day. These tortillas have color. They have character. They have texture. But most of all they have flavor. Comparing these tortillas to the machine made is like comparing a hot, crusty San Francisco sourdough to a week-old bag of Wonder bread.

I really don't like seeing this trend to machine tortillas in La Ceiba.

Progress is not always a good thing.
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