November 24, 2010

Green oranges

Green oranges

A friend who raises oranges gave El Jefe a 'few'. What might not be clear by this photo is that this container holds close to 5 gallons. And that wasn't all of them. Arexy had already made about a half-gallon of juice and had prepared the oranges in the container below for 'sucking'.

This is the typical Honduran way of consuming oranges. They are peeled and then cut in half to hold in the hand to suck the juice out of them. Oranges are peeled so that the bitter skin doesn't leave a bad taste on the lips. When you buy one on the street, the vendor will peel it for you.

We gave a huge bag of oranges to Arexy and another one to my sister-in-law, and still had oranges for about two weeks.

Though they are green, not like you would see in US grocery stores, these oranges are bright orange inside, ripe, sweet, and juicy. Very sweet and juicy!

To understand why your oranges are orange and ours are green, please see Why are oranges orange?
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