September 25, 2010

Things that make no sense to me

If governments are the most common violator of human rights, how can a human rights organization controlled by the same government possibly be expected to act independently?

How can President Pepe Lobo state that he respects the courts of Honduras when he has taken so many actions to push them to change decisions?

With an extremely strong anti-corruption clause in the Honduran constitution which basically says that government officials and employees are guilty until proven innocent if a person can't prove a legal source of their income and assets, why is it that NO ONE ever goes to prison for corruption in one of the most corrupt countries in the world?

If the laws of Honduras don't work — basically no one is ever convicted and punished — why doesn't the Congress work on changing them to be more effective?

If President Lobo, the President of the Congress Juan Orlando Hernández, the Minister of Finance William Chong Wong, and the director of the DEI (tax collection agency) José Oswaldo Guillen are aware of so many corrupt businessmen/tax evaders as they so often claim, why don't they file denuncias against those specific people instead of vaguely smearing all businessmen? Isn't that their duty as government officials?

Similarly, if President Lobo has been threatened with 'pajamas', why doesn't he file a denuncia against whoever did it instead of making vague comments which cast doubt about anyone of opposing political beliefs? And why does he only mention it when he has done something questionable?

It is widely stated (by Hondurans) and widely believed that Hondurans have no respect for laws. How can anyone expect the average citizen to have respect for laws which are flagrantly violated by people in power, including government officials and government employees as well as the powerful in the private sector? Why should they have any respect for laws which are only enforced against the 'little people'?

If 80% of the Honduran budget is for salaries, leaving nothing for programs or actual work, what is the point of having so many employees who can't do their job even if they wanted to because of lack of funds for even the most basic supplies like gas for policemen and paper and ink for agencies who issue documents?

How can Honduras expect to attract new business to Honduras when it continues to be one of the most corrupt nations in the world, has the second highest murder rate, the government expropriates property, and Supreme Court decisions are only suggestions?

How could anyone believe that one of the most corrupt, wasteful, and incompetent organizations in the world — the United Nations — could investigate impunity when they can't solve the problems in their own organization?

When is Cambia Ya! (Pepe's campaign slogan — Change Now!) going to start? And why did so many people believe him?

Yes, it is one of those days.

Answers welcome....
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