May 30, 2010

Honduras is in a state of emergency

Rio Choluteca
Rio Choluteca

Honduras can't catch a break! We've gone directly from extreme drought conditions in the southern part of the country and water rationing in Tegucigalpa to full-fledged flooding from Tropical Storm Agatha. Mudslides are likely due to the extreme deforestation in many areas. Several rivers have overflowed their banks, including the Rio Choluteca, upon which at least one bridge has been lost. For a time today, all the airports were closed due to visibility problems.

Channel 10 has had weather/news coverage all afternoon and the videos show that conditions are pretty serious. Right now I'm watching a river bank cave in. Some rivers have reached the height of the bridges and this will only get worse as the mountains shed the excess water into the rivers.

Here in La Ceiba, things are not bad. We had an inch of rain two nights ago and another inch yesterday, but only some scattered sprinkles today. Generally, May is one of the driest months in La Ceiba.

Hurricane season doesn't officially start until June 1, but no one told Agatha. For more weather information from different parts of the country, please check out these bloggers:

For photos and news in Spanish, see the following:

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