February 16, 2010

Honduran blog lovefest

And the nice thing about Honduras blogging is that frequently all you have to do is look out the window to find something to blog about. ;-D

Cartoon by Dave Walker.
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This is a little project that I started a while ago. Since then we've developed a much better system and have a whole website devoted to Honduras Bloggers. Please see my article, Honduras Blogs, and please check out the Honduras Blogs site if you are interested in finding more Honduran bloggers.

Bloggers: To add your blog to Honduras Blogs, please see the instructions at Honduras Blogs:

Add your blog (English)

Añadir su blog (Español)


I've been happy to see so many new Honduran blogs started during the past year. I've discovered some just recently that I wish I had known about during the past months as I would have shared them with readers. It's too bad that the Red Catracha blog network is no longer active. Honduran bloggers need a directory!

Some of my favorite Honduran blogs and other favorites are featured in the sidebar under "New stuff to read". Just click the blog name or article title to visit those blogs. In my links page, I also list my recommended Honduran and other Central American and Mexican expatriate blogs, as well as other Honduran-related links. I'm afraid that I've been lax about keeping that updated.

Whether your blog is already listed on the links page or not, here is your opportunity to update me and to share your Honduran blog with the Blogicito readers. Using Mr. Linky, you can add a link to your blog within this article. (hat tip to May Dreams Gardens for introducing me to Mr. Linky)

If you are Honduran or an expatriate living in Honduras, or even if you aren't in Honduras but you blog primarily about Honduras, please use the Mr. Linky widget below to post a link to your personal blog. It's easy to participate. All you need to do is fill out two boxes: your name or your blog name and the URL of your site. If your blog name isn't self-explanatory, it would be helpful if instead of just a name, you also put your location or blog focus (for example, 'La Gringa - La Ceiba expat' or 'José - political views' or 'Missionary in Santa Barbara').

What do you write about? Please also leave a comment telling us a little more about your blog focus to entice readers to come for a virtual visit. And if you are a reader, share the love! Tell us which are your favorite Honduran blogs.

By the way, please don't leave a link to a business site or a blog unrelated to Honduras. Depending upon whether there is interest, I might do a similar post where Honduran hotel and restaurant owners can link to their websites. (Write me.)

PS: If you leave a link or comment just so you can include a link to a hate-filled political propaganda site, I'll look for links to the Blogicito or other opposing viewpoint sites on your blog, or else, as Carol says, the garden fairies will find your link and compost it!

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