December 5, 2008

Toucans in the back yard

Toucan, La Ceiba, HondurasToucan, La Ceiba, Honduras

Toucan, La Ceiba, HondurasOh, how I love to see toucans! I've been hearing them a lot lately. They have a very distinctive call. But usually they are obscured by tree foliage so I can't get any kind of decent photo.

This one posed for us for several minutes. He very kindly waited while I ran downstairs to get my camera. I took several shots and then he waited again for me to go get the extra batteries after mine went dead. Nice guy, this toucan.

Toucan, La Ceiba, Honduras

While we were watching the toucan, a couple of trees over something furry went running up the trunk. El Jefe said it was a squirrel. I've never seen a squirrel in our garden before and I don't want to either. That was just as my batteries went dead so no photos of him.

These photos aren't great, but I was happy to get them considering how far away the bird was. He was in the fourth tree from the right.
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