April 21, 2007

A little corruption humor

Modelo 2006 (2006 Model)

After yesterday's post about the 9-year-old, we definitely need a little humor here, albeit dark humor.

According to a 2006 study by the
Consejo Nacional Anticorrupción (National Anticorruption Council), 95% of Honduran citizens believe that corruption exists and 63.6% say that there is too much corruption. "The biggest part of the problem is that there is no justice....there is resentment on the part of the population."

Who are the 5% who don't believe there is corruption? Why, the corruptos, of course! Who are the 36.4% who don't think there is too much corruption? The ones who benefit from the corruption in the form of jobs, mordidas (bites/bribes), and special services, of course!

País podrido (Rotten country)

Hi! I'm Honduran, but I'm not corrupt....yet....

In a January article, La Prensa columnist Sergio Zavala wrote that the theories of free market, globalization of economy, and the liberalization of prices which function in societies based on trust don't work in a primitive society like Honduras. "In reality, in Honduras we don't have trust in each other, in our governors, in the state institutions, in the inefficient public services...., and in certain public authorities, which don't offer any legal security not only for national or foreign investors but not even for the Honduran population."

Espere un momentito... (Wait just a moment...)

Jefe (Boss)
Entrance for the corrupt − Entrance for the honest

I guess that you just have to laugh about the things over which you have no control.

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