February 21, 2010

Blogicito subscription snafu

A reader wrote to say that he wasn't receiving his subscription to the Blogicito. I checked on the Feedburner list and discovered that no less than 89(!) people have signed up for email subscriptions who never took that second step to confirm that they did in fact subscribe. As a result, they are not receiving the Blogicito in their email inbox.

If you recently subscribed but haven't been receiving the daily (or less frequently) Blogicito email, please look for the verification email and click the link to finalize the subscription. If you have lost the verification email, please let me know. I'll have to remove your email address from the list so that you can resubscribe. Sorry!

By the way, you, too, can sign up to receive Blogicito updates by email so that you don't have to remember to come back to check for new articles, or be disappointed that you came and there was nothing new, as has been the case often lately, I'm afraid. ;-{

Subscribe to La Gringa's Blogicito by Email

Click the yellow note to subscribe
Don't forget to confirm when you receive the email!

There is an unsubscribe link on every email, so if you change your mind, it's no problem to unsubscribe. I understand that my split personality (chicken farming housewife/political analyst) is disconcerting for some. Hahaha! Thanks for putting up with me. ;-D

If you are a Twitterer or Facebook afficionado, I generally post a note when I've posted a new Blogicito article. I'm 'La Gringa' on Facebook (recognize me by the colorful hammock avatar) and LaGringaLaCeiba on Twitter. If you prefer using a RSS feedreader, the subscribe links are in the upper right-hand sidebar.

Thanks for being a Blogicito reader!

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