April 5, 2007

Road trip: Los Lobos and Los Mangos, Honduras

Honduran churchChurch, Los Mangos, Atlantida, Honduras

La Ceiba area mapThese are the last of the pictures from our road trip along the Cangrejal River to Yaruca. Click to enlarge the map (courtesy of Jungle River Rafting) for a better view. This map shows Los Lobos and Los Mangos, two of the places these photos are from.

South of La Ceiba, Atlantida, you'll see Rio Cangrejal winding its way to the southeast. The road follows alongside the river, narrowing from a two lane gravel road to a one lane gravel and/or dirt road.

This photo is of an area called Los Lobos (The Wolves). It is a popular swimming spot. We stopped on our way back and went swimming. It was very crowded with people in the afternoon.

The river looks peaceful but there is a very strong current.

House by waterfall, HondurasThis house is across the road from Los Lobos. We actually looked at this house when we were house shopping. The front of the house sits on stilts alongside a waterfall and the noise from the waterfall is incredible.

It's a beautiful spot but I wasn't too eager to live this far out of town. Also, the side of a steep mountain isn't the easiest place to garden.

Green house in HondurasThe photos of the church above and this green house were taken in a little village called Los Mangos.

Stream over road sign, HondurasThis sign is a warning that there is a stream crossing the road.

The following two pictures show the stream coming off the mountain on one side of the road and the water falling down to the river on the other side. Roads like this often get washed away during heavy tropical rainstorms. A concrete pad has been built on the river side to help prevent erosion.

stream over road in Hondurasstream over road in Honduras

River through the mountains, HondurasThese photos show the river running through the mountains and the deforestation that has occurred.

pig by the road, HondurasThis pig, along with many other pigs, chickens, dogs, and horses, wanders freely along the side of the road. It is a wonder to me that more animals don't get killed on the roads. The pigs must do an excellent job of foraging for food as they never look as skinny as the other animals.

Wood and mud house in HondurasThis wood slat house sits by the side of the road in Los Mangos.

These palm frond roofs are amazingly waterproof when properly constructed but they do have to be replaced every few years. Many restaurants use this type of roof construction for their outdoor eating areas.

Adobe house, HondurasThis is another palm frond roofed house. This house is made of mud and sticks. The exposed mud has to be replenished every few years. This one sits on the very edge of the gravel road. It must be a very dusty place to live.

The last photo shows another mud house alongside a two-story unpainted wooden house.

mud house, wooden house, Honduras

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