April 6, 2007

Bob's beach

beach, Guanaja, HondurasBob's beach

There has been too much doom and gloom on this blog lately so I stole this picture to cheer you up. Can you imagine looking at this everyday? Is this not the most beautiful photo you have seen in ages? It looks like a postcard. No, better than a postcard − it's a work of art.

This photo was taken by my good (internet) friend Bob Barbanes where he lives on the island of Guanaja, Honduras. Bob is a helicopter pilot who not only flies for his big, important boss, but also flies mercy missions, taking very sick island people to the hospital in La Ceiba since there is no direct transportation. He and his boss have saved quite a few lives by providing this free service to the people of Guanaja and they deserve a lot of thanks for that.

Actually, Bob did give me permission to use the photo, because he says, with modesty, that this is nothing compared to the photos that he has coming up. So, be sure not to miss them and check out Bob's FH1100 Pilot blog − it's one of my very favorites.

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