April 3, 2007

And the winner finally has her prize

New growth unfurling on a Sago palm

Annie at The Transplantable Rose finally received her prize for winning my contest. It was a pretty tough contest, but Annie is a real pro at identifying plants. I thought the photo was tricky and looked more like a bundle of green beans to me. When I announced the winner, I included some photos from five days later to show what the plant ultimately looked like.

I'd like to blame the delay on the Honduran mail system but I really can't. I procrastinated for so long trying to decide what she might like from Honduras. When I finally got it all together, we sent it "Express mail," which in Honduras means 6 days to the U.S. The clerk assured El Jefe that they don't steal the packages − there is something about getting that kind of assurance that just makes you worry more. But sure enough, it made it there in exactly 6 days. ¡Ay caramba!

Part of my problem was that every time I picked up something that I thought was nice, the girl in the store said, "This is from Nicaragua" or "That is from Guatemala." Actually, a couple of the small things I sent her were from Guatemala, but most of it was from Honduras.

Annie wrote about it here if you would like to see what she received. I can't think of anyone nicer to win the prize.

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