March 30, 2013

Good Honduran Honey

 Miel Coapíhl (Coapíhl Honey)
 Miel Coapíhl (Coapíhl Honey)

As you may remember, I make homemade yogurt* and I generally sweeten it with honey. I've been trying some different brands of honey and recently found one that is really good. The label mentioned that it is made in Siguatepeque, Comayagua, and that they had a website.

(Those are some hard words, aren't they? See-guah-teh-peck-ay, Ko-my-aug-wah. The map below shows its location in Honduras. Click to enlarge.)

Siguatepeque, Honduras
I checked out the Coapíhl website (in Spanish) and found out that it is a cooperative of around 100 small producers, including women. Coapíhl (Cooperativa Apícola Pionera de Honduras Limitada) was originally established in 1977. They began exporting products to Europe in 1985 and to the US in 2007.

Coapíhl offers technical assistance and free training to its associates, including training in how to make the equipment needed for apiculture (bee keeping).

With support from Heifer International Project HPI, the co-op has helped their associates to increase their productivity, improve their income, and help their families. Apicultue is often a family activity in which the entire family is involved.

Check out this heartwarming success story at Heifer's website. It brought tears to my eyes and it will to you also.

If you see Coapíhl 100% Miel de Abejas (Bee Honey) in your grocery store, try it out. I think you'll like it. If you don't see it, maybe you could ask your grocer if they can get it. You'll be helping Hondurans to help themselves.


*Does anyone know if Yogurt starter (culture) is available anywhere in Honduras?
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