May 31, 2012

One radish can feed a family

Honduran radishes (rabano)
Honduran radishes

I saw these veggies at the grocery store. I thought they were radishes but they were just so big that I had to ask an employee. Sure enough: radishes. I put that normal sized banana on the display to give you an idea of the size.

Have you ever seen radishes this big? What do you do with them? I've never seen them used by anyone I know or served in restaurants, but some people must use them or they wouldn't sell them.

The small common red radishes that we are used to in the US, get very woody if you let them grow too big but maybe these are meant to be that way. Darn! I forgot to weigh one of them. Look below. You can even buy half a radish!

Honduran radishes (rabano)

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