August 5, 2008

When does getting a haircut make the news?

Jairo's wife likes his new haircut
All photos: La Prensa, Honduras

Sunday is a slow day for the news in Honduras. As opposed to the Dallas Morning News where the Sunday paper is huge and can take a big chunk out of the day to read if you really give it a good go, the Sunday edition of Honduras' La Prensa is a slim issue of 50 or 60 pages, including fillers of many international articles.

So when does getting a haircut make the news? When Afroman gets a haircut!

Here is
25-year-old Sampedrano Jairo Andrés Torres with his 9-year-old 'before do' along with a photo of him leaving the barber with a sackful of hair:

These photos make me smile every time I see them. I thought you might enjoy them, too.

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