August 7, 2008

Now there are two

Breaking news:

One of Los Pumas was murdered tonight in La Ceiba. Roving reporter El Jefe was going to the gas station around 9:45 p.m. and was surprised by a mile long traffic jam − very rare in La Ceiba for that time of night.

Curious, he followed past the gas station and saw a crowd of about a hundred people alongside the highway. A bullet-ridden pickup truck with a body in the driver's seat was in the ditch alongside the highway.

Several spectators in the crowd were lamenting the death of one of Los Pumas. Two people told El Jefe, "This isn't over. When (name of brother) finds out, there will be more killing." El Jefe said that people seemed scared, rather than just gawking as usual. Some were predicting mass revenge killings. He was also told that three other people from the pickup were taken to the hospital.

La Prensa was there so there may be more information in the newspaper tomorrow or Saturday.

I feel sad. La Ceiba has lost a legend. Now there are only two.

P.S. Check out the comments on the Legend of Los Pumas article. Most of them were from people living in Honduras and all believed the legend to be true.

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