May 24, 2008

Stairway to nowhere

stairs to nowhereEl Porvenir, Honduras

stairs in field, HondurasEl Jefe thinks I'm a little crazy for taking photos like this. I saw these concrete stairs sitting in the middle of an empty field right on on the beach in El Porvenir and they just looked so interesting to me.

He said there used to be an old wooden house here. I always wonder what happened to the people who lived there. I'm going to guess that the son went to the U.S. and never came back after his parents died.

House of many colorsNo doubt when the house started falling down, the pieces were used elsewhere, maybe in this house of many colors which was apparently built with scrap boards from many different houses. You may have to click to see that.

trash, HondurasI'm sorry, but all that trash cannot go without mention. ¡Que verqüenza! (How shameful!) Have some pride in your town, people! The entire area in front of the beach is covered with trash, even though there are trashcans around.
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