May 1, 2008

Mind blogging

mind boggled chihuahuaJunior is mind boggled

Twice lately I've been trying to type the phrase 'mind boggling' (now make that three times) and the words 'mind blogging' came out. heheh.

I love that phrase! And I do perform mind blogging. When we are out and I see something interesting, especially something funny, I start composing an article in my mind. Then I turn to El Jefe and say, "Here's the title: da da dah. Then I'll say dah da dah da dah." I love it when I get a laugh from him and just hope that I remember it when I get back to the computer, though I have been known to make a few notes on a scrap of paper on occasion.

Sometimes I go to sleep drafting a blog article in my mind. Thankfully, I don't do that too often.

Blogging really opens your eyes to the things around you. So many things that I had gotten used to began to pop out at me again when I started blogging.

I think it is interesting that so many people run out of things to write about on their personal blogs. I have at least a hundred drafts of ideas that have come to me, in varying states of completeness. I have several hundred photos waiting for an article. And I have a couple of dozen titles just so I won't forget my idea. Of course, it helps that I'm in Honduras and things are, well, just a little different here. ;-D

Am I obsessed? I guess so.

Will I ever get organized enough to finish those articles I've started? That remains to be seen.
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