May 12, 2008

Día de la madre in El Porvenir

Old cookhouse, El Porvenir, Honduras

We went to El Porvenir to celebrate Mother's Day with El Jefe's mama. It was a good day and I have a ton of photos from around El Porvenir to show you.

Used clothing shop, El Porvenir, HondurasEl Porvenir is a sort of bedroom community of La Ceiba. It's about 8 miles to the west of town and is surrounded by Dole's pineapple fields. There isn't much in the way of commerce there but many people have little stores in their homes like this one selling used clothing.

Basketball court, El Porvenir, HondurasWe also had some good and heated political discussions with his brothers which I really enjoyed. The brothers both both made a point to tell me they enjoyed it, too, even though none of the other women had a single word to say. I think all were very surprised about how much I know about Honduras and current events. (The other day a doctor told me that I know more about her country than she does! Heheheh.)

Restaurant, El Porvenir, HondurasI'm afraid that like most Hondurans, they believe that the corruption is too ingrained for people to ever change it. One brother suggested that only a group like the United Nations could ever do anything. I disagreed, saying that only the Honduran people can change the country, but he thinks the people are too apathetic or too corrupt to even try.

menu, El Porvenir, HondurasWe went to a little restaurant on the beach. El Jefe had tried to talk the family into trying Playa Taty's restaurant since it was a special occasion but his mother always has this idea of what is too expensive and it doesn't matter what the reality is. Here's the menu. Divide by 20 to get a rough idea of the prices in US dollars. It is possible to eat at Playa Taty's for much less than some of these prices.

Lobster dinner, HondurasI splurged and ordered the lobster to everyone's shock. L.250 (US $13) for lobster? You can't beat that, can you? Here's my plate. Six lobster halves, tajadas, rice and beans, and a cabbage salad.

The minute I saw it, I was sure that these were illegally harvested lobster. They are way too small. But what could I do? I could act like a crazy person but there's nothing I could say that would stop the owner from buying illegal lobster and I would be considered rude for even mentioning it, so I did the sensible thing and ate them − with some help from El Jefe.

baby lobsters, HondurasMission accomplished.

Here is El Jefe's plato mixto (mixed plate) of fish and shrimp. Shrimp and fish dinner, HondurasThe shrimp was good but the fish was a little fishy tasting and way overcooked. Do you remember your Spanish lesson from last year? Rice is 'arroz', beans are 'frijoles', and what is it called (in La Ceiba) when they are mixed together? 'Rice and beans', in English!

I tried to get la madre to tell us about the old days in Honduras. At first she didn't have much to say but then she told us the most fantastic story of something she did when she was 17.

beach, El Porvenir, HondurasI can't remember and didn't catch all of the details but I asked her if she would write it down for me so I could post it on the blogicito. I hope she will because this story is going to absolutely floor you! I don't even want to give you a hint because it wouldn't do it justice. All I can say is that I am more impressed than ever with her.

beach, El Porvenir, HondurasHere is the beach. It looks kind of gray, but to be honest, every time I've been to the beach in El Porvenir, it looks gray. The front part is where a river spills out into the ocean. It looks calm but the current is pretty strong.

driftwood, El Porvenir, HondurasI found this interesting piece of driftwood on the beach. I had a small collection of some pieces of driftwood that I put in the garden. Chloe ate them all.

The following photos are of a mural that was painted on a muro (concrete fence) around a building that supposedly has something to do with reforestation. Bright and cheery! I like that.

mural, El Porvenir, Honduras
mural, El Porvenir, Honduras
mural, El Porvenir, Honduras
mural, El Porvenir, Honduras
mural, El Porvenir, Honduras
mural on gate, El Porvenir, HondurasThis mural is painted on someone's gate. I wonder if it is the same artist.

I have more photos of El Porvenir to show you another time. For now, if you want to see more and learn more about El Porvenir, you can look at this article:

El Porvenir, Atlantida, Honduras

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