May 22, 2008

Animals in El Porvenir

cow, Honduras
Here are some photos of animals from El Porvenir, Atlantida, Honduras. I didn't see any pigs on this trip but they are often seen roaming the streets as well.

cow, HondurasWe had to pause in the road to wait for this bull to pass. I jumped out of the car to take his photo but he kept moving and El Jefe was getting impatient.

bull, Honduras

chickens, HondurasWe saw a funny rooster fight when one rooster started getting too friendly with another's hen. Unfortunately, we were too far away to get a good video.

calf, HondurasPoor baby. Tied up with no place to roam.

Couldn't it be tied up where there is some grass instead of by the side of the road where there is nothing but trash and gravel?

chickens, Honduras

cow, HondurasShe looks content, but tied up like this in the sun, I don't imagine that she is one of those happy cows who makes really good ice cream.
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