January 7, 2008

You make my day

you make my day award
This time I'm not talking about the readers, but you already know that you readers make my day when you comment, right?

The Blogicito received the "You make my day" award from two other bloggers in the same day! Island bloggers Jen at Living Dominica and Zooms at Free Spirit (Grenada) both included me on their lists. I feel so honored. It really makes my day to hear something like that from other bloggers who I respect. Jen is a professional writer and Zooms is an artist and poet, while I am, well, La Gringa, blabbing in conversational tone about what I did today.

It seems that lots of us expatriate bloggers have found each other. I've noticed my blog links showing up on other blogs and comments from bloggers who I know showing up on other blogs that I read. It's like a group of neighbors gradually getting to know each other. Sometimes it really seems such a small world.

In the case of expatriate
blogs (not expatriot, please! That is one of my pet peeves), you might even say that we are a bunch of new-to-the-neighborhood neighbors, who enjoy knowing that we aren't the only ones trying to understand and adapt to a new culture.

I'm going to give out my own You Make My Day awards very soon.

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