January 15, 2008

Tributes to Gardener in Mexico

Photo by: Andee Carlsson, the Gardener in Mexico

I just googled "Andee Chacala" and there are so many tributes to her. She touched so many lives.

1stMate wrote a wonderful article and includes a photo of a drawing that Andee gave to her on a visit to Chacala. She was such a talented person.

Andee was a frequent contributor to LonelyPlanet's Thorntree Mexico forum and many people are remembering her there.

Steve at Same Life-New location wrote a touching tribute to Andee.

Jennifer at Siguiendo my Catracho will also miss Andee, who had been encouraging her to follow her heart and come to Honduras.

Another tribute came from North Carolina.

Brenda and Roy in Mexico describe Andee as a straight-shooter which is something I enjoyed so much about her.

Tom made me smile when he mentioned her "Whatever" comments. Those always cracked me up.

Her son has set up a private Google Group for those friends who would like to make a comment about how they came to know Andee or to read the comments left by her other friends. Wayne of
Isla Mujeres has all the information in this article, Memorium for Andee.

It is such a cliché but it still amazes me what a very small world it has become with the proliferation of blogs. We all seem to be interconnected.


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