January 17, 2008

Scallops, shrimp and pasta

scallops, shrimp, and pastaScallops, shrimp, chile, sun-dried tomatoes with pasta

I have such a wealth of stuff in the freezer from the San Pedro shopping trips that I had to pull everything out today just to see what I had. I had forgotten about the scallops. Yum. Except for the freezer, the cupboard is kind of bare right now, so I improvised.

I found one chile and some garlic in the fridge, super thin spaghetti and sun dried tomatoes (also from San Pedro) in the pantry. Starting to get an idea here, I pulled out some of my stash of frozen turkey stock.

The scallops were in a one pound bag (.5 kilo) which seemed too much, but then again, I wasn't sure that a half pound would be enough, so I pulled out a small handful of frozen shrimp as well to use with half the scallops.
I sliced the chile and tomatoes thinly and sautéed them briefly in a little olive oil. Then I dusted the scallops with a little flour, sautéed them and the shrimp with a large pressed garlic clove for just a couple of minutes. I removed everything from the pan to make the sauce, not wanting to overcook the seafood.

I stirred in a couple of spoonfuls of corn starch to the cup and a half of turkey broth and cooked it until slightly thickened, while adding lots of dried basil and a little freshly ground pepper (smashed with my rock − but not this one). Then at the last minute I decided that wine would add a nice flavor to the sauce. All I had was cooking wine, but it did add a good flavor. Then I dumped all the ingredients back into the sauce to reheat them for a minute.

I served it over thin spaghetti, with an egg roll and plum sauce (also from San Pedro) and freshly made whole wheat rolls.

homemade papaya ice creamDessert? Homemade papaya ice cream from the mother of all papayas. That only leaves us about 10 pounds of papaya left (4.5 kilos).


Que rico.

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