January 23, 2008


No parking, La Ceiba, HondurasClose up: No parking

There are lots of Prohibido! (prohibited) signs in Honduras.

The sign on the back of the bathroom stall doors will tell you that it is prohibited to throw your toilet paper into the toilet, usually along with a long list of other bathroom requirements. The exit door will tell you it is prohibited to enter there. Restaurant signs may tell you it is prohibited to bring your own food or drinks. Many signs will tell you that it is prohibited to bring your firearms inside or that beggars are prohibited.

No rocks on highway, HondurasOne of my favorites are the highway signs that say it is prohibited to leave rocks on the highway. (Don't ask me!)

No beggars, La Ceiba, Honduras"In this business, we prohibit solicitors, shoe shiners, beggars, bums, etc. -- The management"

(Of course, I've been accosted by some very persistent beggars every time I've been there.)

No bicycles, Tela, Honduras"Prohibited: the circulation of bicycles. L.150 fine. -- Police Court"

At the entrance to the beach in Tela, where beggars, salesmen, bums, and delinquents are allowed, but bicycles, no.

The sign at the top says that truck parking is prohibited in non-working hours. Now pan out for a wider view:

no parking, La Ceiba, Honduras
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