January 8, 2008

My stash

stash of twist tiesMy stash of twist ties and bag clips

This is my stash of twist ties, bread bag clips, and big plastic bag clips. You can never have enough bag closers, I say.
Especially here in Honduras where so many things come in a plain (non-resealable) plastic bag. Flour, rice, sugar, beans....come to think of it, all of those things I put in plastic canisters to keep the bugs and humidity out.

Hmmmm, finger tap, finger tap, hmmm.

Well, my mind is completely blank right now but, trust me, it seems as if everything comes in a plastic bag without a twist tie.*

The bags themselves are usually tied into a tight knot with which I lost patience after about two days of living in Honduras. I began irritably ripping the bags open or ruthlessly cutting off the knot with a pair of scissors.
El Jefe laughs at my impatience with the bags. Hardly a week goes by that I don't snarl, "I hate these plastic bags!" Hey, I tried to be neat, but 10 minutes a day tying and untying bags is more of my life than I want to give up.

Don't ask me how people have the patience to painstakingly untie those knots, use part of the product, tie them back up, and then start over again the next day! I've noticed that a lot of Hondurans seem to bite their fingernails down to the nubs so I don't know how they can possibly get those knots open.

When I'm buying veggies, I purposely don't tie the bag into a knot so I won't have to struggle with it later. But then the checkout clerks or bag boys always tie it for me. Then they often put it in another plastic bag in which they tie a knot, and then they put it in a grocery bag and tie a knot in that, too. Aargh!

*Oh, yeah, my brain started working again: mantequilla (sort of like sour cream), milk, bread, bagels, deli meats and cheeses, regular meat and fish, eggs (sometimes), casabe, fruits and veggies, Splenda, tortillas, sauces for to go food, sometimes the to go food itself, juices, nuts, detergent, street food, screws and nails, and the list goes on and on and on.

Thanks go to
Good Life Dominica for giving me the idea to blog about the important topic of twist ties. I guess that Honduras isn't the only twist-tieless country around. ;-)

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