January 6, 2008

And I thought ketchup and mayo was bad...

La Gringa in Rio says that Brazilians eat the most disgusting hot dogs in the world. Here is a partially list of the ingredients:

  • Peas
  • Corn
  • Raisins
  • Olives
  • Hard boiled egg

That is only a small portion of the condiments that were added to ONE hot dog! Read the whole list at Adventures of a gringa in Rio. As one commenter mentioned, how is it even possibly to put that much stuff on a measly hot dog?

Most of the Honduran hot dogs that I've seen prepared had ketchup and mayonnaise, which I think is totally disgusting. MUSTARD! That is what belongs on a hot dog! Mustard and dill relish, and maybe chili and cheese. Oh, okay, onions if you like them. Mayo − never!!!!

Hot dogs show up in the most unexpected places in Honduras. They really should give hot dog warnings on the menu. I've seen sliced hot dogs in baleadas (bean and cheese filled tortillas), arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), Chinese food, spaghetti, and even soup.

I can't force myself to eat Honduran hot dogs and can't even bear the smell of them cooking (the smell lingers in the house for hours) but El Jefe must have them occasionally.

Here is a tip for expats moving to Honduras:
If you must buy Honduran hot dogs, be aware that they come individually wrapped in their own silky smooth plastic condom. I didn't notice the first time and began cooking them in the plastic wrapper. Silly me.

Readers, I don't know if you can top Gringa in Rio, but tell us about the worst-dressed hot dog you've ever seen.

What I wouldn't give for a lowly Oscar Mayer hot dog right now.

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