January 18, 2008

Affordable soup and Ripoff-Roni

Campbell's soup L.27.29In case you can't read the price above: L.27.29

I just knew that the L.47.80 (US $2.53 plus 12% tax) price for Cream of Chicken soup was a mistake. Sure enough! On this trip to Paiz, it was back to L.27.29 (US $1.44) where it was before, and which is more in line with what my readers told me.

Anyone living in Honduras knows that there is not a chance in hell that I could have ever gotten anyone to listen and check the pricing of this item. Hondurans make no errors − ever.

Then there was this normal-sized box of Pasta Roni Fettuccine Alfredo, somewhere around $3.00.

But look inside:

I drew a black arrow on the outside of the box (photo above) at the level that the pasta inside the box reached. I know that "contents may settle during shipment" but, jeesh! This is ridiculous.

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