March 9, 2009

Back from a black hole

It felt like I had fallen in a black hole! Actually, my internet connection was only out for about 46 hours. I'm such an addict.

Then to add insult to injury, today I awoke to no water, and shortly after that the electricity went out! What fun!

All is well now but I'm trying to dig my way through 80-some new emails and that is only from my LG account. There is the 'real me' account and a couple of others that I just use to store newsletters and discussion group messages.

What was really sad for me was that I was making a herculean effort to clear out my inboxes on Saturday. Man, those inboxes are like black clouds hanging over my head. I used to try to keep the LG account to less than 50 unattended emails. It had gradually gotten up to almost 250!

Before the internet went out, I diligently read and answered most that needed an answer and guiltily deleted the ones which should have been answered 2-3 months ago because I was too embarrassed to answer at this late date. Since La Gringa likes to LEARN, much of my email is informational stuff and I even made it through a lot of those, including reading linked websites in Español and UN documents. (Not easy reading!)
I got the inbox down to 140 and had high hopes of getting down to 100.

Now my inbox is almost back where it was before I started. ;-/ I think I need to narrow my interests and admit that I don't have time to read everything about everything.

Since I knew my computer would miss me, I spent a lot of that unconnected time Sunday and today drafting or finishing some articles and making MOVIES! I have 2-year-old video on my computer waiting to be made into a movie. I hope that you are going to enjoy some of them. Stay tuned!

Thanks to reader D for the great cartoons!
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