August 15, 2008


Between losing power, internet connection problems, Blogger connection problems, and correcting typos resulting from numb fingers, I'm just ready to scream.


I received this email today:

hello. my name is Pxxxx. i´m a frequent and anonymous reader of your blog. i´m writing this `cause you are not posting since a few days ago. where are you, are you sick or you just gave up? í´m a ceibeño and i like what you write of my town. when i´m at the super market or elsewhere i look around if i can see a gringa taking photo just to say hello. if that happens i hope not to cause you a ´´mal momento´´. i wish you the best. P

Hahaha. ;-D That made me smile and jolted me out of my lazy stupor. I decided to try to get back on track and finish some of the articles that I've started in the past couple of months. Wouldn't you know it? Today is the day that I cannot connect to Blogger for hours at a time. Aaargh!


My coconuts are rotting and falling off the palm. All of them.


Yes, my fingers are still numb from the Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome. I guess I'm going to need to go have surgery somewhere before my fingers fall off.


My inbox, which I've successfully kept to under 50-to-be-attended-to for the past year or so, is now bursting at about 250 no matter how many I dispense of each day.


There. I feel better. How about you?

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