May 31, 2008

Buildings and traffic in El Porvenir, Honduras

bar on the beach, El Porvenir, HondurasA bar on the beach

boy in El Porvenir, HondurasBoy walking down the gravel main street

bus, El Porvenir, HondurasBuses between El Porvenir and La Ceiba are the major form of transportation. They kick up a lot of dust.

bicycles, El Porvenir, HondurasBicycle traffic is very common.

shed, El Porvenir, HondurasAn old bodega (shed)

church, El Porvenir, HondurasOne of the several churches

courthouse, El Porvenir, HondurasThe new courthouse

municipal building, El Porvenir, HondurasThe municipal building. I could only get some of these photos from the car. El Jefe didn't want to stop.

Social Center, El Porvenir, HondurasThe social center
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