April 23, 2007

More creepy crawlies from Frank

beetle, Honduras

Frank is still working for us, painting, yard work, and odd jobs. He delights in bringing me his creepy crawly finds knowing that I like to photograph them to show all of you.

I was able to convince him to put this beetle back into the garden. I told him that the pinchers were to capture other insects, so that is a good thing.

weird bugs on avocado tree, HondurasThese bugs were on the back of some avocado leaves. I've never seen such a weird looking bug. It appears to have four eyes and at least six legs, but actually, inside it was just some kind of worm. Frank said it was something bad, so we killed them.

lizard eggs, HondurasFrank found a nest of lizard eggs in one of my raised vegetable beds and accidentally (he said) broke one. After we took the photos, he put the eggs and the baby lizard back. I doubt that the baby lizard lived.

I know I'm disappointing you, but I don't have time to try to look up the name of this lizard. It's thin, sort of black and white, and appears to run on its hind legs with its head held high, which is a little creepy. I often find this lizard in my vegetable beds and I assume that it is eating bugs.

sorzal, HondurasWe have a canal covered with an iron grate in front of our garage to allow the rainwater to drain off and not fill up our garage. The other day Frank was cleaning the canal out and found a poor bird stuck inside the PVC tube at the end of the canal.

The poor thing was soaking wet and its head was a little bloody from struggling inside the tube. I was so concerned with trying to find someplace we could put the bird where it would be safe from dogs while it recovered that I completely forgot to take a picture.

Sorzal, HondurasHowever, a few days before Frank had found the same type of bird (maybe the same bird?!), unharmed but sopping wet in Chloe's mouth. So here is a substitute photo. Frank and El Jefe took a whole series of photos (complete with ruler!) so I feel I must show at least a few of them.

I couldn't find this in my bird book, but I think the color is "off" because of the slobber bath from Chloe the Rottweiler.

Sorzal, HondurasFrank said this bird is called a Sorzal and that it is the bird that sings so beautifully every afternoon starting about 3 p.m. I think this bird is new to our garden because I'm sure I would have notice its lovely song before now.

I tried to look it up on the internet and one source said Sorzal was the national bird of Honduras. Other sources said that the Red Macaw was our national bird.
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