November 25, 2006

Colorful Thanksgiving harvest

Not much, but colorful, no? Despite my neglect, I'm still harvesting Ping Tung long eggplant and Anaheim peppers 6 1/2 months after planting. Granted, the eggplants are smaller than I have been getting − only about 7-8 inches (18-20 cm.). The poor plants need fertilizer. I've been too busy blogging to take care of my garden.

Those other small peppers are an unknown variety. They have a really weird grassy flavor. I can't even describe it. It's not hot, just weird. I picked them for the chickens but they don't like them either.

I didn't plant it. It grew in one of the jardineras (planter boxes) either from seed dropped by a bird or reverted to a parent plant from seed dropped by a hybrid ornamental pepper, pictured below.

Actually, what I'm calling an ornamental pepper may be a Tabasco pepper, I'm not sure. I tasted it, and even though I like spicy food and hot peppers, this one is way too hot for me.

Eeww! I hate being so inexact about names, but the original pepper plant was given to me by a neighbor, so I really have no idea what I have here. The plants pop up here and there and I leave them because I like the color. The plants usually have yellow, orange, and red peppers all at the same time.

I noticed some nasty, pointy bugs conglomerating on the stems of the anaheim and the eggplants. They were being attended to by some very large black ants. I washed them off with a strong spray of water (I don't use chemicals) but I'll need to check again tomorrow. I want to see just how long these eggplants will produce.

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